Early Access


899,000 vnđ

Early Bird


699,000 vnđ

General Admission

Phase 1

GA 1

1,299,000 vnđ

Phase 2

GA 2

1,499,000 vnđ


Tier 1


899,000 vnđ

Tier 2


1,699,000 vnđ

Ticket information

Step 1: Buy your Ticket on https://gama.com
Step 2: Receive your physical ticket delivered to your desired address
Step 3: Activate your Ticket with the activation QR Code on Ravolution Website https://gama.com
Step 4: Bring your physical ticket to event venue

Ticket Policy

By buying and owning the ticket, I will fully comply with the regulations and policies set up by the organizers:

    • Present the ticket before entering the event.
    • This ticket is non-transferable and non-refundable.
    • Minimum age requirement for this event is for people 18+
    • The event is not suitable for audiences with health issues (such as pregnant women, heart disease, etc.).
    • Audiences are responsible for their own health risks.
    • By purchasing this ticket, I commit not to use any types of illegal items (drugs, weapons, explosive materials,…)
    • Your official ID, passport, drivers license will be checked before entering the event (physical or digital proof are both acceptable). We don’t accept these documents as proof: student ID, health insurance card, bankcard/credit card.
    • EA tickets are valid for one-time entry (before 16:00), GA and SVIP tickets are valid for multiple entrances (no time limit).
    • I agree not to sue or claim the organizers for any damages/consequences due to the use of illegal items. I am fully responsible for my actions.



Can I sell/give my ticket to another person?

In the case of selling/giving your ticket to others, organizers will not take any responsibility for false information or fraud.


I lost my physical ticket, can I still enter the event?

No, physical tickets are required for entrance.


Can I change my information on the website?

Yes, you can change it anytime.


I forgot to activate my ticket on the website, can I still enter the event?

Yes, you can activate it at any time before entering the event.


Can I purchase the ticket at the venue?



What is the minimum age to attend Ravolution?

18 years old and above.


Can I bring food and beverages to the event?

No, food and beverages from outside are not allowed at the event.


Where is the event and how do I get there?

The event will be held at Vinhomes ocean park 2, bus routes and map guidance will be announced on Ravolution Music Festival Facebook page.


What are the official ticket channels?

Ticketbox for EA, EB, GA

https://ravo.asia/watera for SVIP


Can I get in after the check-in hour?

For EA ticket, you can only check-in before 16h00.

For EB, GA, SVIP ticket, you can check-in anytime.


I forgot my ID, driver’s license, passport,…
How can I enter the event?

No, you need to show an official identification document.

Ticket Details:

EA (Early Access): Tickets are valid for one-time entry (check-in before 16:00)

EB (Early Bird), GA (General Admission): Tickets are valid for multiple entrances (unlimited check-in time)

*EA, EB, GA: Same standing position

SVIP: Tickets purchased by table (5 people/table)